WordPress Fresh Installation to Recover from Malware

Getting Malware issue is really irritating isn’t but this happens because of our own silly mistakes personally Dewbloggers got 7th times malware issue because all time I ignored one or another aspect to cover So here we will discuss about securing and restoring website in case of Malware attack.

After Investigating and removing malware properly you have make some changes to secure your server for future. Some of us sit back after removing malware and when it attacks again we blame our server security though it’s not! So we have make proper steps to secure server accurately.WordPress fresh installation is one of them to recover WordPress to default.

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WordPress fresh installation

* Backup Database

Recommended to take Quick backup of your blog database before making any changes like removing any infected file or moving blog for freash installation

Two methods:

  1. Using phpMyadmin (Inside Cpanel of Server)
  2. Using WordPress dashboard >> Tools >> Export

* Backup Uploads

Its better to secure all uploads that we have done till now So just backup this directory also! Download your wp-content/uploads/ folder

* Change all Passwords

First of all change all passwords related with your WordPress;

  • Hosting control panel password
  • Domain panel password
  • FTP passwords
  • Database password ( update it in wp-config.php too after password change )

* File Permissions

Most important things are always ignored, look for your WordPress file permission. It is better to execute following permissions.

  • Directories: 755
  • Files: 644

If you know about using Terminal then try below code :

find [path to install] -type d -exec chmod 755 {} ;

Find [path to install] -type f -exec chmod 644 {} ;

Read below post to change permission via FTP client like Filezilla etc

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WordPress Fresh Installation

After trying all tactics if Malware is still alive I will recommend to make WordPress Fresh installation from start yeah! it’s tough but you have no way to resolve this in single click. If you ignore this as it is you can face Malware attack on whole server with data crash issue which may harm you a lot!

Follow below steps to make WordPress Fresh Installation:

1. Download root directory and database at your desk as backup and Delete them from server.

2. Download Fresh copy of WordPress and extract it on your pc.

2. Use Server or Filezilla to upload fresh WordPress files on server.

3. Create new database and open your website to install WordPress by filling database details.

4. Import the database using WordPress Dashboard >> Tools > Import > WordPress XML backup file.

5. You will see all posts imported successfully But your media i.e Images included in posts are still not working So just go to directory “wp-content” on server and upload a folder called “uploads” We has backup before under 2nd step.

6. All posts with images will be working Fine!

7. Now install and activate all essential plugins.

8. Now install and activate your desired theme.

Note: Featured images may not working :(

I hope you followed me correctly and restored your website as default. If you followed to make WordPress fresh installation it will be best for future prospective because it will not include any malicious code or activity that held before.

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