Top 5 Ways to Find People on Facebook

Find People on Facebook

I though many of you guys facing problem that i do when I’m trying to find someone, and all I know is his name, the college he goes to, and that he’s a freshman.  So In this post, let us look at guidelines to Find People on Facebook more successfully. I will show you easy ways to find people on Facebook as It’s especially great for maintaining touching buddies who are across the nation or globe. Search for and add these people to your buddy record to enhance your Facebook or myspace encounter.

You should Create a Facebook account if you don’t already have one. Navigate to the Facebook website in your Web browser and follow the steps to make your own profile page. If you are a married woman, list your maiden name as your middle name so people from your past will know who you are when you contact them or when they search for you.

Easy Ways to Find People on Facebook

Find People on Facebook

5. How to Find People on Facebook with IM

Facebook IM

There are many friends who are using other social networks so we can try to connect them by allocating their IM. You can enter your AOL, ICQ, Windows Live Messenger, or Skype credentials and find out if any of your IM buddies are on Facebook.

4.  How to Find People From Your Phonebook


Every persons is using mobile phone so you can try this way to track them easily.If you have installed the Facebook application in your mobile phone, then you can search your phonebook and see if any of your contacts are on Facebook too.

3. How to Find different parts of your life

find friends from colleges

Find people on Facebook query gets easier when you try this page which provides more specific people search term to get more accurate search results

2. How to Search By Name Or Email

find people

You can search someone’s name or email address directly.

1. Find People From Your Email Address Book

find Facebook people

Today Facebook is providing many searching facilities where you can use multiple email address to find for your people .You can enter your email address and search if any of your contacts are members of Facebook, and you can also upload contact file from MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, or others.

If you still can’t find People on Facebook then try some more options by Facebook

General Facebook Search

search in facebook

On this page you can select search by people and enter the basic information such name, location, education, workplace and start your search.

Easy way to Search for Friends on Facebook

find friends

Find People on Facebook also provide more specific search like search by name or email, search by school and search by company. Just enter the person’s name in each search category.

Give a try to some Facebook Advance People Search Application which are available around in million people in its database.

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