Top 5 Best Ways to Speed Up Website

As we have discussed in last post about best web hosting and adsense ready themes for wordpress now its time to start a website, so i think load time of website is most important factor so you must take it seriously as you may know that Google has clearly declared that page load time is ranking factor. Most of internet users will skip your website if it doesn’t load in few seconds. You believe or not but i personally tested that faster loading pages crawl fast and it will easily helps to rank in google, though i tooke some important factors that can help you to “Speed up Website” listing of best ways to speed up website is below. I want you to check each point carefully and comment us your experience.

Speed Up Website

speed up website

Follow Best Tips to Speed Up Website :

1. Optimize Images with Save for Web :

Main Factor is to Optimize Images so you know that if your website is full of images around then most of users mind will distract from your website usability So Best is to use “Save for Web” feature in image editing online or you can try online image optimize tool to increase your website accessibility.

2. Optimize Your Website CSS :

Everyone loves to make website look better then ever so most of websites are designed with CSS nowdays. So Keeping your CSS files modest and arranged is very important, especially if you’re going to spend any time editing your site in the future. Use Clean CSS online tools to arange your CSS and remove unwanted css codes to speed up website.

3. Use a Slash on Website links :

This little thing also matters that many of you forgot to do so, actually when a user try to open a link like “” then server need to figure out that what kind of really a link is a page or a file so this kind of web address without a slash(/) in URL can create problem. So i Suggest to use a “/” in URLs “” so that it will be easy for server to identify that its a Web Page, this will reduce the loading speed of website.

 4. Minimize HTTP Requests :

Your pages will load more quickly if they have to wait for less HTTP requests. This means minimizing the number of items that need to be loaded, such as scripts, style sheets, and images. You have to extract unwanted styles, images etc in single file this will helps to reduce HTTP request to make quick response in seconds.

5. Use of Image Formats with Height and Width Tags :

Besides optimizing images, it is important to choose right type and size of image in blog posts. But there is one more factor i.e using height and width tags in image code as it tells server to easily identify the image size. Its usual that image in large format has more in size but after optimizing that image you should select JPEG format as its perfect with quality of image and size. Sometimes if you want to use transparent images in PNG formats then you should use Photoshop or any other Image editing Tools to save that image for web only.

Few More Tips to Speed up Website :

* Use Best Web Hosting services to speed up website.

* Using fancy background images instead of simple background colors.

* Use table layouts as sparingly as possible, CSS div layouts are much lighter on file size.

* Try to Use javascript to your footer instead of the header, helps to load content fist and speed up website.

As we always say, one ranking aspect alone won’t figure out the success or failing of your site in the search engines. I wouldn’t spend all your time worrying about this as “content is still king”  If your page loads extremly fast already don’t spend coutnless hours trying to pull more out of it.

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