Social Bookmarking Sites List of 2012

Social Bookmarking Sites is vital instrument for Off Page SEO it not only increase your efficiency in open world but also increase your credibility and visibility in millions of people. Social media power is always appreciated by taking genuine actions, all social bookmarking sites are having huge traffic which can help to get respect to your blog because as per Google Popularity=Respect which is more often he wants.

social bookmarking sites list

Remember to proud author whenever you are trying to create link for your site, same rule applied for social bookmarking sites where you can attain much more authority by using proper ways.

Listing Of Social Bookmarking Sites

1. Twitter

2. Pinterest

3. Reddit

4. StumbleUpon

5. Delicious

6. BuzzFeed

7. digg

8. Friendfeed

9. Technorati

10. Slashdot

Above websites are best among all other social bookmarking sites where people used to share their videos, images or blogs. I hope you found them useful and yeah there are many more available So you can try therm as per your choice.

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