Simple Way to Get Approved by BuySellads

Many of bloggers like us want to make real money online, Buysellads is one of the best method to make money online though there are alternatives like affiliate marketing, paid reviews, selling products etc. But the most attractive and easy way to make money online is to show ads on your website. Mostly we prefer to use Google Adsense but sometimes it’s earning not goes at that level where we expected may be due to ad placement, Niche etc. If you heck of using Adsense you can try BuySellads but before that we have to look for things to remember prior to applying for BuySellads.

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Things to Remember for Getting Approved by BuySellads

Approved On BuySellAds

BuySellAds is undoubtedly a great alternative to earn money from your website with CPM but getting approved by BuySellAds is a little complicated and tricky. But for sure if you take of your steps you can be approved by buysellads within few hours. Fully grasp below tips then put into practice in order to start making money from buysellads.

Are You Still on Free Domains (,

You should own a domain rather then working with free domains like or etc. Inspite of buying own professional Domain if you are using revenue sharing sites like blogger etc then it’s straight forward No from BSA since they won’t accept free domains.

Do You have Eye catching blog?

It is important to have professional designed blog rather then using flashy ads and pop ups. If you have expressing blog logo with finest color combination and layouts then it would be easy for your blog to attract more advertisers. Be creative about your blog looks and make changes with respect to your readers.

Does Your  Blog have Enough Traffic?

Nothing is crucial then having lot more organic traffic, it seems to have that many of us start applying for ads before fully satisfied with your own blog. Getting rejection from BSA will not take away your chance to apply again But it’s better to be prepared before getting rejections because I hate Rejection :P

If you really want to be prepared follow simple trick to finally for for BSA. Go to BuySellads look into your left and Search for relevant keyword that specifies your Niche like i would search for “blogging tips” that’s my blog Niche and then it will come up with few blogs with monthly visits now we have to look for weaker blog visits So jump into last page.

Does Your Blog has Social Media Exposure?

BuySellads goal at targeting blogs which are having plenty of Social exposure. I believe if you are having around 1000 followers on Facebook and Twitter then your blog would be strong challenger to compete BSA rules. In addition you should preserver your readers because your blog would be nothing without readers and If you maintain traffic on your blog then more advertisers will look after your blog to have worth investing.

Reasons Why Your blog not Approved by BuySellads

* Your blog must be live and updated with quality content.

* Any third party illegal content should be avoid.

* Your blog must be in English language since BSA didn’t support other languages yet.

* BSA wants to maintain their Quality of their Network So if they feel miserable results then your blog will not approved by buysellads.

If you are approved by BuySellads, your blog will make enough money from it. But if you are still in process then you should look at above points to satisfy BSA. Don’t worry if you are not approved by Buysellads it won’t make any change, You can implement proper changes then Apply again and again unless you got approval.

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  1. Great tips Sony. I’m really looking forward to apply for BSA and it’s the right time to get this post. I’ve applied almost all precautions and let’s hope for the approval. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

  2. nyc article, thnx for sharing ..

  3. Success shots are represented here…these are useful to me very high since i am new to blogging

    Thanks sony for sharing this info..

  4. I don’t think it’s easy to get approval, and enable your blog feedburner subscription its showing error.

  5. Nice and detail info Amar, BSA is my my favourite. Thanks for shring

  6. Nice tips to get approve for BuySellAds. I still not apply for Adsense because I am afraid to get rejected. But if anyone work hard to prepare a healthy blog, then his money will come viral from buysellads and these types of ads companies.

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