Simple Way to Send Free SMS in Gmail

I got surprised to see “Free SMS in Gmail” its really great and convenient way to send free sms to any mobile. Yesterday i got highlighted with New feature in Gmail for Sending free SMS. This service is useful for easy conversation, Many of my friends may not heard about this so below i have presented a handy guide to use this New Feature “Free SMS in Gmail” i hope you like my work.

This Service is really awesome as when you want to send sms  you can do by reply option under contact and whatever conversation is held between them will be stored in chat history likewise it does in normal chatting. Moreover free sms in gmail is important because it lets you to chat with friends when they are letz start.

Free SMS in Gmail

free sms in gmail

Way to Send Free SMS in Gmail :

1. To get started firstly you must have to Login to Gmail Account then head towards to Setting option.

2. After hitting Setting Tab you will get many tabs, just select Labs tab then it will deliver many features to enable and disable to your gmail i know many of you may not friendly with this option but know you can check all labs and Enable your wanted feature. Under Labs you will find search option in heading area just type “sms” in search it will come up with “SMS (text messaging) in Chat” feature i know you waited for this just hit enable and save changes that’s all.

3.  Now you are enabled with SMS service lets test this Go to your Chat box and hover on any friend at last of that you will find more options click there and you will get Send SMS option click over that it will come up with new tab where you have to add that friend’s contact number then you can easily send sms to him.

4. Start Chating now its all done!

SMS Credits :

This is a wise way Google has found to promote the use of this service. Initially, you are given fifty credits, which means you can send out 50 messages. For every one message sent, one credit is deducted. But for every message received, say when someone replies to your Gmail text, you get 5 credits. So tell your friends to stop being miserly, and start replying to texts :) . You can not, however, exceed the 50 credit limit, no matter how many replies you get.

What if you lose all the credits? Well, you will receive one credit after 24 hours. A clever way to increase your credits would be to send a text to your own mobile phone, and then replying to it any number of times to refill your credits!

What do you think about this service, for me its absolutely a perfect experience of SMS through Gmail. As its available to Asian countries, it would be great to check out this service and let us know your experience.

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