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Malware attack on website is often caused by various bad security methods or injection of malicious code. Personally Dewbloggers is infected by Malware attack many times but with the help of my buddies and hunting for malicious code it let me to unterstood all security prospective for website which is really great for my other websites, moreover whatever time it took me to recover dewbloggers will not got wasted because my experience for throughout practice can help others to recover easily. There are sums of websites which are running Website using WordPress CMS platform, most probably it is easy to inject malicious code in custom based scripts if they are not secured enough. Has your website is getting message like “This site may harm your computer”? something like this

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remove malware from wordpress


If Yes! don’t panic just follow given step by step guide to remove Malware from WordPress blog.

Places to find Malware on WordPress

* Encoded codes inside “index.php” “header.php” “footer.php” files.

* If any File named with “wp-count.php” at root i.e injected file with malware Code. This Malware injected file will reappear again and again So try to use fresh setup.

 Steps to Remove Malware from WordPress

If you got somewhat info about malware code location you can try below ways to eliminate them easily otherwise you will got angry while roaming here and there. So in order to waste time and become crazy it’s best to follow below ways.

* Default File Structure

If you are using custom scripts website or WordPress, you should look after for file structure and compare them with Core files. Most of us forgot to compare base files with core files. As running base files may got corrupted or edited recently to inject code So you should look for last edit timing to easily point the corrupted file.

Clean WordPress Files

WP file structure

It is important to look for Core files because most of cases injection of code is made inside Installed files only, there may be some loop holes which access them to inject code So you may need to replace files with Core files, not to update. Update will overwrite over existing files which will not clean malware file So its better to replace files with fresh up!

Plugins to Remove Malware from WordPress

1. Anti-Malware by ELI (Get Off Malicious Scripts)

2. Wordfence Security

Manually Removal

If you got malware code source then you can manually remove codes from files and recover themselves. Sometimes it’s hard to remove malware injected codes So you can try below method of Fresh Installation to Remove malware from WordPress fully.

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