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Play YouTube videos in VLC with help of my given tutorial where i have explained a simple way to Play YouTube videos in VLC. Everyone looks to watch videos over YouTube as its largest website in world to watch videos online. There is some drawback of playing videos from YouTube in Web Browsers Actually when we watch lots of videos from YouTube, you may feel that your browser gets slower day by day or may hang up sometimes.

Reason Behind to Play YouTube Videos in VLC: Content used from YouTube is saved into temporary files of Browser which will make your browser heavy.

I recommend to Play YouTube videos in VLC, it will make your browser clean from unwanted content and yeah VLC is best media player to watch videos moreover it has more features than any other player “Open network stream” is one of them which we will explore in this tutorial to play YouTube videos how exactly you can do so just follow my step by step manual to finally Play YouTube Videos Easily.

Why to Play YouTube Videos in VLC?

VLC is amazing player to watch any video likewise you can experience better results from YouTube Videos, it will give you following benefits :

* Full Player control access for YouTube video you will play.

* Video effects can be applied in YouTube Videos as it does in normal videos.

* Once you started playing YouTube Videos in VLC, you will not need any browser

Steps to Play YouTube videos in VLC

Step 1. 

Open YouTube and search for videos you want to watch, you need to copy video link

Step 2.

Download VLC Media Player to Play YouTube videos in VLC

Navigate to Media->Open Network Stream

Paste your YouTube Video link

Hit Play button and it will took some time according to your internet connection to play before you.

play YouTube videos in vlc

It Depends on internet connection speed to play videos as smooth as you want, I am sure you could have wonderful experience as you have in Normal VLC Mode.

Issues to Play YouTube Videos in VLC

I have faced one problem which may be occurring in yours also, actually whenever I tried to play YouTube videos every time VLC Player crashed.

Solution: Previous Versions of VLC in creating crash problem in Playing YouTube videos, So Download the Latest version or update your VLC to latest version to take out this Issue.

I have revealed a simple method to Play YouTube videos in VLC, hope so you took me in right way and its working for you also. Comments us if you have any queries or you have any other way to Play YouTube Video in VLC.

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