Off Page SEO Checklist


Off Page SEO is considered to be one of the important factor to rank #1 in Google, Off Page SEO is look at work on off page like social media, forums, article submissions etc. Off Page SEO is another aspect to On Page SEO where we optimize pages by accepting outsider challenges. Truly Said build [...]

Article Submission Sites of 2012


Article Submission Sites are available with high rated rank and stable authority. In order to create inbound links for website we have to submit articles to these article submission sites. Submitting articles to highly efficient websites can gain more traffic as well as chances of attaining high Page Rank. Write a Quality article with proper [...]

Social Bookmarking Sites List of 2012

social bookmarking

Social Bookmarking Sites is vital instrument for Off Page SEO it not only increase your efficiency in open world but also increase your credibility and visibility in millions of people. Social media power is always appreciated by taking genuine actions, all social bookmarking sites are having huge traffic which can help to get respect to [...]

On Page Seo Plugins for WordPress

on page seo

On Page SEO is one of the most important factor throughout publishing article. Recently we have discussed about On Page SEO basics to be considered while writing article, many of us forgot to think about SEO factors which would be more important then ever while ranking top in search engines. Is it crucial to know [...]

Move WordPress Site to Another Server

move wordpress

Move WordPress Site when you need to transfer server to another new server or sometimes if your website got attacked by malware then you will need to transfer website to New Cpanel. Recently Dewbloggers got malware attack so in order to clean malware completely i have created new cpanel within same server and moveed WordPress [...]

Install Antivirus on Server to Remove Malware


As we discussed earlier about malware attack on website, Dewbloggers is already got attacked by malware at that time i was so confused to remove malware So I got to know about Installing malware antivirus on server in spite of shouting on server support! They really took much more time then usual. I feel to [...]

Best Fat Burning Foods to lose Weight

burn fat

Fat Burning Foods are best to reduce weight, you must accept that there is no miracle behind losing weight. Just follow proper diet and exercise to gain effective and healthy body. You will not find any special food to burn pounds just away, But there are some best fat burning foods to lose weight by [...]

WordPress Fresh Installation to Recover from Malware

WordPress fresh installation

Getting Malware issue is really irritating isn’t but this happens because of our own silly mistakes personally Dewbloggers got 7th times malware issue because all time I ignored one or another aspect to cover So here we will discuss about securing and restoring website in case of Malware attack. After Investigating and removing malware properly [...]