Off Page SEO Checklist

Off Page SEO is considered to be one of the important factor to rank #1 in Google, Off Page SEO is look at work on off page like social media, forums, article submissions etc. Off Page SEO is another aspect to On Page SEO where we optimize pages by accepting outsider challenges. Truly Said build juicy links to lead for Page Rank and better search engine results. Newbies always failed to understand real importance of social media in blogging platform, it’s not good to create bulky links without any sense. It’s better to target quality rather then quantity of links.

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Off Page SEO

It is really important to push your pages on search engine results by creating inbound links moreover this procedure is totally applicable on strategies otherwise you will got bored in few hours. Spending time properly will always worthy if you used that effectively there are many quality websites.

Off Page SEO Checklist

* Social Bookmarking Submission

It’s really important to understand social media because as more as people seeking your articles your blog traffic will increase moreover it also raise your visibility to millions of people. You can grab Social Bookmarking Sites list to easily go though for all high rated websites.

* Article Submission

Off Page SEO can be done by Article submission though it is most effective way to boost up your website traffic as well as improve Page rank. Just have to submit articles on well authority websites with unique content we can’t treat this for back-link motive If you share good you will surely get back well deserved inbound link. You can look into Best Article Submission Sites to list them according to your titles and make them prospective to make continuity.

* Guest Posting

Another great way to improve website Off Page SEO overall, basically it’s posting article to another website which is already having high status in eye of search engines. Moreover guest posting build relationship with other bloggers.

* Blog Commenting

Contributing to someone blog will always create healthy relationship, reading others blog and replying them with efficient source of knowledge will be appreciated. Commenting like mad can lead your blog awful, always comment like a contributor which will easily optimize your Off Page SEO factors. Remember for looking “DO-Follow” blogs.

* Forum Contribution

Contributing into forum can attain lot more audience then expected, it is always maintained according to your behavior on forum. If you have quality lead you can easily make permanent seo strategy which will not diminish at all. Responsible and useful replies will create strong backlinks. Recommended to start with high page rank forum to open door for first Permanent Off Page SEO technique.

* Photo Sharing

You can’t imagine but it’s true more then enough of blog traffic is generated from images. So if you are using custom made images on blog then you should share them on large photo sharing website as well like Flickr, Picasa, Photo Bucket, etc.

* Video Marketing

Off Page SEO is highly effective when you are Targeting top websites like YouTube can generate flow of traffic towards your blog. You just have to make specific videos like tutorials or related to your blog niche videos and publish them on YouTube, Vimeo, Myspace etc.

* Publishing Reviews

There are many products arrived every year and every producer is looking for customer review to sustain their sales conversion.You can write review for any product on RateitAll, Shvoong, Kaboodle, Stylefeeder, etc.

* Using Google Tools

Off Page SEO is served by Google though Google is having tools about optimizing website and increasing performance of website. Use Google Webmaster Tools to analysis crawl errors and to rectify them though you can also use Google Analytic to check status and progress.

Avoid Off Page SEO Mistakes

1. I highly recommend to avoid irrelevant link building practices.

2. Duplicate keywords in link ads.

3. Don’t try creating link farms.

It’s just genuine way of contributing to someone’s work where you can share your views in respect to content. Above methods are almost cover every aspect for Off Page SEO but if i missed anything you can comment below to aware other readers.

About Amar Ryder

Amar Ryder is Passionate Blogger and Site designer. He used to learn about Social Media and Internet Marketing to Achieve his Dreams. He writes about WordPress, SEO, Online Money Making, Blogging etc.

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The Discussion

  1. Off page optimization is definitely one of the major keys for a website to succeed in SEO. However, due to the some unethical link building methods, Off page Optimization has become more complex and still improving. SEO is a never ending creating of techniques to promote a website as Google always roll out their algorithm most of the time and it gives a hard time for SEO guys to perform link building method on their own.

    Guest blogging to relevant niche is the most effective nowadays but the content of a blog post should be informative and not just for getting a link.

    Forum contribution and Blog commenting don’t seem to be that important and they only add up a small amount of contribution in Offpage SEO.

    Article Submission is not recommended but if you are posting your articles on websites with high authoritative domains, that should be fine then.

    The others are all right as long as the practice will not violate the guidelines of search engines and the linking website itself.

    Good start up in 2013 Amar! Cheers!
    Joseph Cruz recently posted..Benefits of Press Release to a WebsiteMy Profile

  2. With google changing its rule on regular basis, It is difficult for us to stick to one formula. With the social media influencing greatly and google keeping track of every ip, we need to come up with something new, something thats convincing. But we all still give preference for the same formula that google is dismissing.

  3. Thanks for sharing, this article have helped me getting better places on the search engines. Keep up the great work and thanks again.

    Video marketing have given me a big boost in visitors to my sites.

    Take Care Simon

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