New Samsung Galaxy Nexus :: A Complete Smart Phone For Youth

New Samsung Galaxy Nexus, the real smartphone has taken the minds and hearts of many. Don’t be amazed that it operates with the Os 4.1 Jelly Bean OS. Originally, it was using only the Ice Cream Sandwich system. This fusion is considered to be made in paradise. They have combined well and the customers are having a great experience.

Google is attempting really hard to develop Os user-friendly but most of the normal customers are not revealed to its exciting features. Detailed below are a few techniques and characteristics that you can create best use of in your New Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Data Monitor

Data monitoring widget is an application that is not available in the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. But, two things can be done to keep track of the data. There is an in-built-tool that does not have a widget to track the data. Onavo is a free app that comes with widgets to track the data. This app has a monitor which alerts you when other apps run in the background. This is great to use and you can give it a try.

How to take Screenshots on Samsung Galaxy Nexus?

Taking screenshots with Android 4 is easy unlike Android 1. Press the volume down and power button for a couple of seconds and the screenshot is taken. Screenshots can also be shared with friends and on websites.  The operating system has simplified the operations to a great extent.

Battery Life

Though the phone has a massive battery, the life of it is short. There are dozens who complain about it and I am one of them. To have long lasting battery power you need to change the settings. Change the setting to auto-brightness and you will be amazed at how long the battery power lasts.

Call Options

So far, all phones have only two options. You can either slide to the left to ignore the call or to the right to answer it.  There is a third option that is available with Android 4. Are you busy in a meeting and your wife calls? Use the third method by pushing the phone icon and moving it to the text icon. A list of scanned responses appears and it can be sent to the caller immediately. This is a great trick that comes handy many times.

GPU Acceleration

ICS supports drawing of 2D surfaces and the user has complete control over it. In the main setting screen the “Developer Options” menu can be found. Accelerate “Force GPU rendering” in this list which will speed up interface drawing of all the apps. Are you going to give it a try? I am sure that you will love it.

The favorite’s tray, new folders, face unlock and many more features that come with Android ICS have given it a new meaning. It is quite difficult for anyone to dislike this operating system from Google. If you know more Samsung Galaxy Nexus tips and tricks then you can share with us via comments below.

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