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Everything starts from basics. One of the most effective way to start making money online is to learn seo basics which would be base. If you want to make website or blog Learn SEO basics are essential for short term and long way success. Practice with SEO will increase ranking factor of website when bots come to index and rank your site. Many of newbie bloggers failed to fully grasp SEO basics which lead to affect blogging practices. Therefore i think i am not expert in SEO but still i have some perfect SEO basics which let my articles to hit #1 in Google or other search results. Learn SEO basics to optimize your articles from below given factors. There are many factors for SEO like Choosing Domain Name, Speed up Website and Optimize Images etc. None of buddies even know what type of seo they have to Target for their blogs, it’s better to know we have to optimize two types of seo field i.e. On Page SEO and OFF Page SEO if you consider to learn SEO basics go through below listed points to remember for SEO basics.

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Why to Learn SEO Basics?

Owning a website accepts the same assumption of, “If a tree falls in the forest and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?” Because the Internet works the same way. If you have a website but no one knows it exists, it simply does not provide you or your business with any benefit. It’s crucial to learn and fully grasp the basics of search engine optimization (SEO) and the important and most effective steps you can take to turn your website into a powerful promotion tool.

From my view SEO is simple idea where you have to include specific content with relevance keywords to optimize your page. More suitable content will help your page to index with targeted keywords. As beginner to blogging i spend hours daily to search and testing for seo strategies, seo tools etc. So in coming days you can expect more SEO reveals that i have tested and applying to my blogs.

I order to apparent minds of those who spending hours to search for ranking in google, forgot to do this and follow my tips which i have gained after spenting countless hours for SEO.

Learn SEO Basics to Optimize Tags

Title Tag

Title tag has been possibly be one of the most important aspects in reaching high search engine rankings. Most common mistake that every newbie does is to create simple title tag which would never attract readers from their search engine result pages. Repairing just the title tags of your pages can often create quick and significant differences to your rankings. And because the words in the title tag are what appear in the clickable link on the search engine results page (SERP), changing them may result in more clickthroughs. Moreover use Main Keyword in Title While writing an article.

Code for Title Tag :

<head>  <title>Example Title</title> </head> 

Browser View title tag seoSearch Result Pages seo for title tag

Meta Description Tag

Another factor is to optimize meta description tag for your website is what shows up in search results beneath the title of your website. Search engines don’t always use your meta description, but if it’s accurate, helpful and relevant, they probably will. Use your keyword phrase and any related phrases in your meta description.

Code for Meta Description Tag

<meta name=”description” content=”<?php the_excerpt() ?>” />

Why to consider Meta description, in order to intent SEO factor and another is to satisfy visitors so you have to encourage them to visit your website by offering perfect and relevance keywords in description though we have to stop throwing bunch of keywords in meta description that looks somewhat spammy huh!


I must say keep it simple and shorter your URL is, the better as far as search engines are concerned. Longer query strings are confusing to search engine spiders. Keeping it Simple (i.e.http://www.dewbloggers.com/sample-post/ vs. http://www.dewbloggers.com/?p=123 )Use SEO Friendly URL to Optimize Website more effectively, On page SEO is consider on many factors but URL placement with relevance keywords is more important. While placing keywords in URL you must observe First word is best, second is second best, etc.


There are many aspects to write a unique and well managed article, it’s not only your website backbone but it also create of your website existence. In order to optimize content for search results you have to discover your potential readers, by making research on targeted keywords phrase. Create Quality of compelling content to attract readers ‘attention.

As i said SEO is not a One Day practice we have concentrate on Optimization elements which will let us to rank first page of search results, There are many more factors to Lean SEO Basics coming article will be more vital to learn seo basics, so keep in touch and Comment us what you lack for your website in real mean of SEO basics.

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