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Install WordPress plugins by given simple step by step way to learn this whole process. You can’t install WordPress plugins unless you have WordPress Installed on your self hosted server, there are basically two ways to install WordPress Plugins that i have given below.

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Methods to Install WordPress Plugins

Method 1. Through WordPress Dashboard

Navigate to your Dashboard–>Plugins–>Add New

Install WordPress plugins

For this tutorial here we will took “Google XML Sitemap” Plugins as Example. After hitting Add New you will see search filed like below where you can insert what ever you want to make it function on WordPress like Slideshow, Advertisement, Photo gallery etc.

We have taken “Google XML Sitemap” plugin as example. Type Anything you want to add and it will come up with heap of results See below Screenshot.

Now we have results here Choose your plugin you want, we were looking for “Google xml sitemap” which we got at first place with almost full rating. Click on Install and it will pop-up with another screen like below just read all details and hit “Install”.

Remember : Must Read Reviews, Status of Plugin Before Installing

I face lots of problem by installing outdated plugins So whenever you are installing any plugin i recommend to read full details and reviews about that plugin.

Sometimes it may possible that your needed plugin is not available in search results like Usually Paid ones, Try below method to Install WordPress plugins that are download into your hard disk.

Method 2. Upload Plugin File Using Dashboard

Sometimes as i told you all plugins are not available at WordPress plugin directory either because of   Paid Plugins or may not compatible to listed on directory below method is just for newbies who may not aware to install WordPress plugins via uploading.

First download that plugin you want to install on WordPress, it will be in .zip format then follow below steps to Install WordPress Plugins.

Navigate to your Dashboard–>Plugins–>Add New=>Upload=>Browse=>Install Now.


After hitting Install now it will come up with another screen where you have to “Activate” your plugins like below i did

Plugins has been Activated now :)

Remember : Every Plugin has Some Setting So don’t forgot to Config

Method 3. Install WordPress Plugins Via FTP Client or File Manager

This method is much difficult then above ones specially for Newbies who hardly hard about FTP client but still i am trying to show you how to install WordPress plugins using FTP. Basically we are uploading Plugin files to server that means we have to access our server. There are two doors to open either you go for Server File Manager or FTP Client. Both are doing same but going for FTP may took your more time then Server file manager.

Whatever lets start doing Access the path in File manager or FTP (/wp-content/plugins/) And upload files there.

For File Manager :

Login to your Hosted Server and go to File manager => =>upload .zip file here.

After uploading Extract .zip and it will come up with Plugin folder Delete that .zip now. Head to Plugins tab in WordPress Dashboard, you will find Plugin that you have just uploaded just click on “Activate” to give access.

For FTP Client :

Download FTP Client to Install WordPress Plugins

Make sure you have unzipped the Plugin folder and then simple drag and drop Plugins files to “/wp-content/plugins/”. After uploading head to Plugins tab in WordPress Dashboard, you will find Plugin that you have just uploaded just click on “Activate” to give access.

I tried my best to satisfy your problem, if you feel anything missing or i did something wrong. Comments us below.

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