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Install WordPress on Windows Localhost using Xampp is useful for designers for setting up WordPress for testing WordPress Themes and WordPress Plugins. Moreover it will be easier for newbies to understand the working of WordPress and Functionality. As we discussed earlier for using WordPress for making any blog. This tutorial will teach you to Install WordPress on windows localhost i.e Computer or laptop.

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Install wordpress on windows

Why to Install WordPress on Windows Localhost ?

I found helpful using WordPress on localhost where i can modify my blog as such as i want before publishing globally. Designers needs to make many changes before launching any website or blog So in order to do practice on server its better to play with WordPress on localhost as such you want. Many times I install Plugins to Test them before implementing them on Blog. Below i have displayed a Simple tutorial to Install WordPress on windows Localhost Using Xampp.

Things You Will Need to Download :

Download XAMPP

To Download Xampp navigate here, then select your OS like here i have selected Windows as we will Install wordpress on windows 7.

I recommended to Download Xampp Installer(version 1.7.1 ) as other options may create errors so its better to start with Installer file.

Download Xampp 1.7.1 Installer

Once you have download xampp-win32-1.7.1-installer( current version am  using)  file double click over that to install after installing start your Xampp program from start menu After starting of Xampp you will see bellow display.

Check properly that Apache and MySQL services are Running( In Green) if its stopped then you can manually start yourself.

XAMPP Working or Not?

We have already installed XAMPP properly on Windows but still we have to test once whether its working or not then we will forward to Next Way. Open up your web browser and navigate to http://localhost. You should be automatically redirected to the XAMPP page or Click on Admin aside with Apache Tab then it do same action as it does with URL..

You should receive a message that states “Congratulations: You have successfully installed XAMPP on this system!“.

Download Latest version of WordPress

Now we have to download latest version of  WordPress to Install on Xampp, go to Official WordPress Website to download.

Download Latest WordPress

Now we have Downloaded all things which we will need to start a website or blog on localhost. Its time to Install WordPress on localhost. Open that download WordPress Zip file and Extract that .Zip File you will got one folder called WordPress.

Copy that Folder (WordPress) navigate to root path of XAMPP i.e c:xampphtdocs. Root path of Xampp may contain some folders and files leave them as it is and Paste your copied “WordPress” folder inside “htdocs” folder.

Recap Once to Install WordPress on windows localhost

1. Xampp Installed ü

2. WordPress into Root Path ü

Okay! now we have to Create “Database” for WordPress to run. Open your Xampp and click on “Admin” tab next to MYSQL or open this link in browser : http://localhost/xampp/phpmyadmin

At phpMyAdmin Main page  there will be an area in the middle of the screen called “MySQL localhost”. From this section a new database will be created for use by then WordPress installation.

In the field labeled “Create new database” enter the name “wordpress”. From the dropdown labeled “Collation” select “utf8_unicode_ci”. Then press the button labeled “Create”.

Okay now we have “WordPress” folder inside the website root C:xampphtdocswordpress. Now we can install WordPress, open your browser and Navigate to http://localhost/wordpress

Remember : http://localhost/Folder Name of WordPress

Skip : Below Manual  editing of config file, if you got Proper Main Page with “Create a configuration file” head to

Screen 1

In Order to Install wordpress on windows. You should reach the default WordPress installation page. If you have not modified any of the files inside the folder you should see a screen stating that there is no WordPress config file. This is normal. Otherwise you have to modify config file manually :

Go to : http://localhost/wordpress you will find a file named with “wp-config-sample.php” edit that file and make following changes.

// ** MySQL settings – You can get this info from your web host ** //

/** The name of the database for WordPress */
define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘Your Database Name’);   => wordpress

/** MySQL database username */
define(‘DB_USER’, ‘Your Database User’);     => root

/** MySQL database password */
define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘Your Database User Password’);   => leave it blank

/** MySQL hostname */
define(‘DB_HOST’, ‘localhost’);

After opening link in browser you will come up with WordPress Installation wizard

Screen 1

Screen 2

Screen 3

Fill Details that are asked to put in field for :

Database Name : wordpress    =>This is the name that you gave the MySQL database when you created it earlier in PHPMyAdmin.

( as we have created database with “wordpress” name you can also put your own custom database name)

User Name : Fill it with name “root”

Password : Leave it Blank

Leave other filed as it is by default.

 Screen 4

Fill your Details as per concern then Click on “Install WordPress” button.

Congratulations, you have just successfully installed WordPress with XAMPP on localhost. You will come up with Main page of your blog. There is one last button on this page. “Log In” Click this button to access you new WordPress dashboard. Use the username and password you entered earlier during installation.

You will be redirected to WordPress Dashboard which would be look like below image

Navigate around WordPress Dashboard to be familiar with functionality, don’t worry I will come up with some basic tutorials if you still having confusion using WordPress. I think its pretty way to access WordPress on Localhost without any Hosting and Bandwidth issues.

I hope you got my tutorial rightly and took proper advantage to Install WordPress on windows Localhost . Looking for your Queries (if Any) in below comments, as always i am here to assist you problems.

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