Install Antivirus on Server to Remove Malware

As we discussed earlier about malware attack on website, Dewbloggers is already got attacked by malware at that time i was so confused to remove malware So I got to know about Installing malware antivirus on server in spite of shouting on server support! They really took much more time then usual. I feel to scan whole myself So i instll antivirus on server to completely malware. Below i have explained simple way to install antivirus on server if you already known to this check out below!

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Malware can be injected anyway So in order to trap that rat we have to look for whole server, by installing antivirus on server it will easier to grab malware exact space. Sometimes antivirus remove infected files automatically But this is not your computer it’s server where you have all core files of website So i recommend to remove malware by hand to secure main files.

Install Antivirus on Server:

If you have VPS or WHM control you can easily do this action otherwise you have to contact server support for Installing antivirus.

1. Login to your WHM


2. On top left search for “plugins” it will come up with “Manage Plugins” click on it.

WHM plugins

3. You will find list of plugins, look for “clamavconnector” it’s Antirus of server So we have to install that on server. Select “Install and keep updated” and Save it.

install antivirus on server

4. It will took some time to install antivirus on server let’s wait then move to your Cpanel.

5. Under Cpanel Go to Advanced Tab and you will see something like below.


6. Click on “Virus Scanner” and Select Scan Entire home directory to scan whole server.

scan malware

This would be easier way to install antivirus on server, there are many ways to scan malware that you can read from below.

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