How to Copy Text From Simple and Protected PDF Files

PDF stands for “Portable Document Format” pdf is perfect file format for reading, it’s widely compatible with all operating systems. PDF files are highly portable and thus they are readable on various types of computers including those running on Windows, Linux OS or MAC.there are some reliable free applications are available in market for using PDF files like Adobe Reader.

PDF files Provide secure and simple approach for the sharing and data transformation as it is used by common tools like email. Moreover there are less chances of damaging PDF files with  virus infections, so it makes trusted to share PDF files throughout Internet.

There are some key aspects behind PDF files where you can View all the graphics, text and images that you have created in Microsoft Word can then be easily viewed on the PDF format.

There are many PDF users who read famous ebooks  and  they want to COPY TEXT FROM PDF Files as to keep some favourite sentences so that they can quote in blogs or as Signature. There are many cases where a person finds himself helpless like if you have downloaded a Job Application Form which is in pdf format and you want to editing something in form then you might hire any free lancer to do this job but i think its just time wasting as you can do yourself in just simple steps.

Their Might be Two problems as respect to COPT TEXT FROM PDF FILES.

How to Copy text from PDF (for Normal PDF)

If a PDF file has no restrictions from copying, changing and printing, you can open it with a free PDF reader like Adobe Reader and copy text from PDF easily.

1. Open the PDF document.

2. Click Select tool of Tools in menu bar. Some of them are not heard of Select tool so you can check Screenshot to get idea.

After Clicking Select Tool You will Find Below Icon just before the Zooming tab.

click on this to Select the Text.

3. Select text you want to copy.

4. Click Copy of Edit in menu bar, or just press Ctrl+C.

5. Press Ctrl + V to paste selected text to Word file opened.

The process to copy text from PDF to Word is finished, it’s really easy!


How to Copy text from Protected or Secured  PDF Documents.

I have one simple trick to do this problem. You need to follow Instructions below:

  1. Open the Microsoft Office OneNote and open you protected pdf file.
  2. You will see One Option in Microsoft Office OneNote Named As Clip.

3.Click on Clip option and then Capture the paragraph that you want to copy from Protected PDF then you will see that after capturing your needed text it comes into Box in OneNote .

4.When you got the clip in box just Right click on it and then you will see one option of COPY TEXT FROM PICTURE Click on it and Copy the text.

5.Open New MS Word File and Paste the Copied Text from that Clip.

That’s all now you can edit and manage your document as it comes into MS word do as you like from this simple cool trick.

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