Google Authorship Verified in One Day How?

Everyone is looking to grab Google Authorship verified as early as can but it can’t be easy to hit that level to get that,but being shown in Google Search Results page (SERP), is that one factor that most newbie bloggers love (including me), seeing my profile pic in Google Search Result makes me truly Happy. I asked many bloggers to get suggestion about getting Google Authorship verified but fails to do so. Then i did one small trick to get verified by Google Authorship verified.

I look for my friends who are still waiting for their chance to get Google Authorship verified. So i decided to share my trick to easily got verification. Those who Still have No from Google Authorship can read below post and get verified in 24hrs as i got this personally so don’t worry anyone can grab this easily.

Actually Becoming a Google verified author is quite simple, But there is perfect way to do that just follow my steps to get Google Authorship Verified.

Google Authorship Verified

Google Authorship verified

What we will need to get Google Authorship verified :

1. Have a Google+ profile.

2. Better Author Bio Plugin (better to remove any other author plugin if installed)

3. All in One SEO or WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin(better to ask in comments if installed any other)

Step 1.

It is important to have Google+ Profile with email id which you using as author in your articles or website. Then setup(write introduction and full details) your Profile with Smarty Profile Pic like i have after all it will be in Google Search Results page (SERP). Go to your Google+Profile–About–Add your site link to Contributor’s section of your profile. Wanna see mine?

“Remember to Add Primary Email in Profile which is used in your articles”

Google authorship

Step 2. 

Download the Better Author Bio Plugin–Upload it—Activate it. Then Go to Setting- -Better Author Bio Setting- -hit update option without doing anything.

Now we have to setup Blog profile go to your blog profile and you will find more fields to fill up, important to fill Both Google+ Fields with your Google+ Profile url.

Step 3.

Users with All in One SEO don’t have to do anything this is for those who are using WordPress SEO by Yoast Plugin Go to SEO tab > Home tab, and select the user from the drop-down to be appeared on the search result of your blog’s homepage in the Google search engine. For better understanding see the following image from my last post.



Hopefully all is done pretty easy yeah :) now it’s time to test. When i have tested myself it would took secs to crack this trick let’s do then go to Google Rich Snippets and type your blog URL then you will see as i got on above image.

Remember : Put Google +Profile link on Website homepage inside header So that your homepage and posts will be listed easily.

I searched a lot for getting approved Google authorship but can’t find any easy way to do so, but this trick is simple and handy huh!

There are many ways to get this but you can give a try to mine as from my title i am assuring you to get Google Authorship in One Day Only.

Updated : If somehow you didn’t get Google Authorship Verified you can try this updated move to try with another option. So here we will try out some coding to setup your authorship with Google+ profile. You need to add following code to your blog <header> script, if you are using WordPress you can find in header.php file.

Remember:  “Replace Google+ profile link with yours”

<link rel=”author” href=”” />

If you are using WordPress with framework you can simply hook below code to your theme function to execute properly. Copy and paste below code to “functions.php” at last (Go to Appearance=>Editor=>Select theme=>select “functions.php” from right sidebar.

add_action(‘wp_head’, ‘add_google_rel_author’);
function add_google_rel_author() {
echo ‘<link rel=”author” href=”” />’;

After doing all coding stuff you just have to follow above Step 1.

Still facing difficult to grab this opportunity have a look from Google Authorship Verified Guidelines.

Your Time to get Google Authorship verified~

I hope you understood my way of getting Google Authorship Verified if not give your comments what really making problem or if anyone get verified by any other easy do comment us!


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  1. Thanks for this helpful tutorial. I have implemented Authorship according to your tutorial. Richsnippet Tool is showing my verified Google Authorship. How much time will it take to appear in Google Search ?

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