Top 5 Best Free Web Hosting Websites

As Starter everyone wants to test their attitude towards blogging, myself also look for free web hosting to start my first website. From my personal experience i can tell you that how hard is to find any good free web hosting. I searched a lot for free web hosting and i found many results  But most of them prove to be more frustrating than useful. I want to clear that free web hosting services have limited in use. So i want to share some good free web hosting sites which provide easy accessibility.

Free Web Hosting

free web hosting

Listing of Best Free Web Hosting Websites :

 1.  XtreemHost :

Xtreemhost free host

It is Best as it gives many more feature then any other for free, i personally tried this so i recommend to use this :

Webspace -2500MB

Monthly Bandwidth- 10GB

2. 000Webhost :

free webhost

3.  Zymic :

Zymic free host

It Provides :-

  • 5 GB disk space per account with unlimited account per users
  • 50 GB of monthly data transfer

4.  Freehostia :

freehostia hosting

5.  Host-Ed :

Free web host site

Usually a serious blogger or webmaster ignore free web hosting though there are some factors that determine hosting services. you can give a try but personally i don’t recommend to use free hosting sites if you really want to achieve something from your website.

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The Discussion

  1. I personally use and they are great. Their uptime is more than 99% for sure as I have not seen them down since I started with then and this was 6 months ago. Their support is also good and are one of the few free hosting providers that operate on cloudlinux servers. Finally in the last few days they even increased the disk space to 10Gb and the traffic to 100GB.
    I hope this comment helps.

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