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Reddit is probably a social reports website which may not have anywhere near as many visitors or people as Twitter or facebook however it has a unique support that many admire. The entire concept behind Reddit is you deliver the information, then users can flag the storyline like ‘up’ or ‘down’ to then rates the post and determines where the news link continuesthe Reddit site.Luckily, because it does involve regular people, there is always range for humour, weirdness and simply basic insanity. So here’s some of the most hilarious and strangest Subreddits on Reddit.


Who isn’t fond of a bit of statue groping? Come on; we’ve all done it. You’re walking with friends and you just happen to come across an unassuming statue… you already know what’s about to happen. That statue is going to get groped, but thankfully the good people of the internet have created a subreddit for all your statue groping needs.
Who knows, it may even tempt you into a spot of statue groping, too.


It’s impossible to peruse the internet without saying ‘WTF’ – which means ‘what the f**k’ – at least four times a day. Thankfully, there is a subreddit for that, aptly called WTF, where you can take a browse through some interesting pictures and videos which will definitely make you say… yep, “wtf”. There are plenty of images which could offend, so if you’re not one who enjoys graphic images, we’d recommend leaving this one. It is still a funny subreddit, however; so have a gander!

Reddit Gone Wild (NSFW)

Everyone has a naughty, wild side, right? Well, so does Reddit, apparently. This section of the site is definitely NSFW and it’s definitely NSFH either (the ‘H’ stands for home). The whole concept behind Reddit Gone Wild is self-expression. Users can post pictures of themselves in, erm, extremely interesting poses and clothing, while the internet gets to have a gander. There’s plenty of female body on show, so if you’re easily offended, it’s probably better to leave this one alone.
NSFW – we can’t stress this enough!


Ok, this is a bit of an odd one, but Dogfort is a subreddit which is basically a place for users to look at pictures of dogs – but not just normal dogs; oh no. The dogs on Dogfort and the images depict what your dog would be doing when you’re not there. Basically, think Toy Story but for dogs. It’s a bit weird for people who don’t love dogs, but some of the images are quite funny; such as one with a dog’s face put on the front of a Call of Duty picture.


Probably the weirdest subreddit on Reddit is SquidsGoneWild. At first, you visit the subreddit thinking it’s just a place for pictures of squids – which is weird in itself – but then you realise it’s just not. It’s a place for people to post pictures of squids… erm… going wild.

So there are pictures of squids mounting things, using their tentacles for quite dirty pleasures and basically just weird pictures of things you wouldn’t expect squids to be doing. The more you think about this strange part of the internet, the more baffled you become.


Are you into nature and gardening? If so, then this subreddit isn’t for you. What, at first glance, looks like an innocent forum for horticulturalists, is actually a place where stoners can indulge in weed culture and share pictures or videos of other people smoking weed.

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