Simple Way to Create Custom SEO Friendly URL

In Last post we have discussed to Learn SEO Basics, this article designed to create custom SEO friendly URL by changing permalinks or using custom permalinks. After going through every SEO expert i found that permalinks plays vital role in ranking our website. I think this is crucial factor as many of Newbies missed to do so.Many of beginners  miss out to place SEO Friendly URL whereas as quicker as you implement this better you going to rank in search results. Newbies don’t think too much about permalinks but when hundreds of posts and pages have created then they realize the bad permalink effects on website.

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Why to Use Custom SEO Friendly URL

From my experience with SEO, i have noticed that Google and other search engines gives additional weight to URL structure. Moreover SEO Friendly URL Structure will help your website to increase ranking factor across search engines. When we install WordPress, default permalink structure you have is like this :

“ ”

Probably its not likely SEO friendly URL from any side so we have to restore this by using custom SEO Friendly URL.

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Changing Permalinks to Custom SEO Friendly URL

Change your Default permalinks to custom SEO Friendly URL permalink is much easier. Website should be user friendly where users can got idea about reading article from URL. Follow below steps to Change your Permalinks to SEO Friendly URL

Step 1. Go to WordPress Setting ->Permalinks custom permalinksThere are many URL structure available to be use but we recommend to use following URL structure so Copy Below code and place that code in Custom Structure Option.


There are many of friends like me who realize later to change permalinks so in order to change your old permalinks to your new ones. To do that, you have to add redirects to your .htaccess file, I have Used a tool from Yoast that generates these redirects for you based on your domain and your old permalink structure.

To use this tool, click to Redirect Permalinks.

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I hope you easily changed your permalinks to SEO friendly URL and let me know if Yoast Tools is worked to Redirect Old permalinks to new ones.

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