Simple Way to Completely Remove IDM

Everyone is looking to download files over internet at high speed, so there are some best download managers which allow us to download files like movies,songs,games etc at amazing speed ever. Internet Download Manager is one of them personally i am using this and its really great. But as you know when you download IDM it comes with 30 Days Trial period after that you have to Buy to use further. In order to use again you have to completely remove idm from your windows, So here i am telling you simple way to Completely Remove IDM from windows.

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There are Three Ways to Remove IDM :

First Way Steps to Follow :

1. Firstly how to uninstall download manager from your system : 

* First exit the download manager by right-clicking the IDM icon in tray. Than click exit.

* Go To Control Panel:

Add or Remove Programs (Windows XP)

Programs and Features (Windows 7)

* Select Internet Download Manager and Uninstall it.(It’s free download manager uninstall)

* Select “Complete” in first window.

* After uninstallation a window will open. Click on Cancel. Don’t restart the PC.

2. Now we have to Remove IDM registry Files :

In order to Remove IDM Completely we have to remove registry files relate to IDM.

For Windows XP : Go to Start Menu then type regedit.exe in Run Command.

For Windows 7 : Just type regedit in Search Box. then open it.

remove IDM

When Registry editor opened. Press F3 or Go To Edit Menu and Select Find Next. A Box will appear.

* Type “Internet Download Manager” .   (without “”) Click Find Next.

* Delete the found Registry and Press F3 again and again for any remaining registry.(you will find many so do remove all registry files)

* Do it until it says “Finished searching through registry”. then close it.

3. System Clean Up :

After Uninsalling IDM and removing its registry files there are some broken files and junk files remaining on windows so in order to remove properly you have to Download CCLeaner. Personally i am using this to remove junk files and Internet cache to make system faster.

* Install and Run CCleaner.exe to remove any shortcuts/jump lists/broken links of IDM.

* Select Registry from Left Pane and Click on “Scan for Issues” when Scan finished. Click on Fix Selected Issues.Say No to Registry Backup and Fix All Issues.

* Now Restart PC.

Now you are ready to Reinstall “Internet Download Manager” as i promised we have completely remove IDM.

Second Way Steps to Follow :

Above way is somewhat lengthy huh! Don’t worry If you still have how to remove idm completely try below way!

1. Download and Install revo uninstaller software in your windows. After installation run it

revo uninstaller download

2. After running Revo Uninstaller Pro you will see all installed programs, then select IDM from that All programs tab and right click on that you will get Uninstall option just click there and a new window will open where it started Creating Restore Point and Backing Registry Files for Safety Action. Then it start Uninsalling IDM just complete that action then it ask you to Scan for remaining IDM files in windows. Click on scan and it will show you all files relate to IDM, Select all and remove them.

Now IDM is fully Removed from windows, i suggest to Restart your windows once to install IDM again.

 3. Third Way to Remove IDM :

This is amazing and most quick way to remove idm is really simple. First Uninstall IDM fully remove ever IDM Folder from Program files folder after uninstall reboot it. Now in order to remove idm fully we have to get rid of IDM registry files so in order to do that i have found this little but effective Program to Fix All IDM registry on single click.

Download the Unregister IDM program, After Downloading this extract this zip file and as we already Uninstalled IDM now just double click on “Unregister.IDM.reg” file. This will get rid of the existing and previous installations of IDM completely from your System. Isn’t fair to do this way just in single click. But i want to clear that something one or the other way is not working so thats why i have given you 3 simple ways to remove idm. isn’t good to hear that as i saved your time to format your system for using IDM again.

I hope you like my work and i know many of you have queries to fix out just comment it below i m always here to help you out.

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