Scan WordPress to Check Malware on Website

Check Malware on Website to track exact place for malicious code injection, So that its easier to eliminate infected codes ASAP. There are many ways to check malware on website but sometimes all methods are not same, If you are in position to scan for malware by hand you should do that because on Auto malware removal there are chances of core file removal Still i have given some handy and best ways that i used myself to check malware on website.

check malware on website

Types of Malware code Injection :

1. Malicious scripts

Eg: eval(base64_decode(“DQpzZXRfdGltZV9saW1pdCgwKTsNCg0KDQpmd….

2. .htaccess redirects


RewriteCond %{HTT-REFERER} .*google.* [OR]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http//

3. Hidden iframes



Check malware on website

Firstly we have to track infected code from website So now we will examine to check malware on website. Following i have given some tools to check malware ob website at instance.

1. Use Live Scanners check malware on website

You can use live scanners to scan website for malware attack, No doubt there isn’t any Malware scanner which is freely available with all scanning services. But some are freely  offered to track malware code from your website. I recommend to try below website for scanning your website thoroughly, it also provide paid service to completely remove malware from website.

=> Sucuri SiteCheck to check malware on website

After Scanning your website Online I recommend to Scan your local computer for insuring malware removal. Sometimes people feel secured by using paid Anti-virus software but let me tell you Its serious Malware So you must need some solid Malware removal tool to use Isn’t Ok!

Spybot: Search & Destroy  or

Malwarebytes’ Anti-Malware

Most probably we have detected somewhat malware codes from Live scanning practice but still in order to properly secured you should try below ways to detect exact malware source.

Remember : When you are scanning website its better to make your Scanning tricky So let’s start scanning with little bit change. When you Scan your website I recommend to disable “WordPress Plugins” disabling doesn’t meant to hit “Disable” It’s crucial to kill your Plugins So just rename Plugins Directory at “wp-content/plugins” renamed to “plugins.backup”. This tricky will kill all plugins to access your website which means you can Scan your website Fully or partly that’s your wish to detect code.

Note: Renaming will not effect website, when you done with your practice you can rename it to as default then it will start functioning properly.

After killing plugins directory now its time to scan website again, If infection is still present then you know it’s one of the following: core files, themes files, or database.

2. Create a Account on Google Webmaster Account

Click here to create account on Google Webmaster, Most of us may not think to change face of website using Google Webmaster Account let me tell you Google has much more power you think! After creating account you will logined to your account there you will found a option to “Add a Site” Select that and put your website domain name, you have to verify your website ownership so it may ask to upload an “HTML” file to root server then it will accept your ownership fully. You can see at left sidebar there are many options but under “health” tab you will got Malware tab just click over that and you will get something like below image.

This section is transformed by Google where it keep track of Injected Malware code on websites, it may give you exact home of malware code or clue to detect that injected codes.

WordPress Plugins to Check Malware on Website

1. Anti-Malware by ELI (Get Off Malicious Scripts)

2. Wordfence Security

Tracking work is somewhat done to check malware on website now! now move on to eliminate that Malware.

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