Best Contact Form for WordPress

Best Contact Form for WordPress is needed for readers to interact easily with authors though readers react by comments But still some of them needs personal assistant that can be solved by using Best Contact Form for WordPress blog. If you have quality content you can easily attract much more readers to value your writing though you should take of them by using simple contact form to contact you easily may me they have some suggestions to enhance your content. In order rectify this you should use best Contact Form.

Creating contact form is pretty much tricky if you are not familiar with coding as i tried making HTML contact form last week and i found that if has many functionality to do So if you are not common to coding you can simple use below best contact form Plugin for WordPress.

Best Contact Form for WordPress

Contact Form 7

best contact form for wordpress

Contact Form 7 is pretty much easier plugin to use it can access you to arrange more then enough contact forms, Customization can be done easily in forms whereas it has functions like CAPTCHA and Akismet spam filtering support. In order to place contact forms you just  have to copy form shortcode and paste into your post or page to enable it. To enable CAPTCHA you can Install Really simple CAPTCHA Plugin.

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Gravity Forms Directory

gravity forms

Simply perfect for user friendly users because it is based on shortcode method where it can be used simply by placing code into post or pages.It can be used by styling using CSS and it can create listing of forms according to their category, there are many more features to  face that’s why many of bloggers think it’s best contact form for WordPress blog.

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Easy Contact Forms

easy contact forms

Creating Custom contact forms may be tough though here is simply Easy Contact Forms plugin which can be used to have custom fields for contact.

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Fast Secure Contact Form


Another Contact form plugin with same Contact fields that we have in Contact Form 7 with CAPTCHA and Akismet supports But still It has an exciting feature is the choice to provide an alternate means of contact further than email in the form of a webcam chat or phone call. This taps into the vCita service for arranging web-based meetings, and is a great way to bring customers and clients closer.

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Custom Contact Forms

custom Contact forms

Declaring to be more customizable Contact Form plugin then any other it has functionality to place custom contact form with CSS styling which will be easier to create simple Contact Form in trendy for users. It has basic contact form by default with CAPTCHA test.

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Form Maker

Form Maker plugin

Form Maker is basically more efficient Contact form plugin because it has some special functionality that may lack in others like while creating a new form: Custom HTML, Text Input, Time and Date, Select, Checkbox, Radio, File upload*, Captcha, Map*, Buttons can be placed easily though it has user friendly interface. Many E-commerce websites are using this plugin for customers assistance to track their shops by accessing Google Maps function in Contact Form.

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Have you Got Best Contact Form for WordPress?

There is hardly a lack of contact form choices, but thanks to the efforts of the developers from above plugins there are plenty of good contact form plugins for WordPress users to choose from.

Though I would recommend to prefer Contact Form 7 But as i said it depends on usage, everyone has their own functionality by one or another way.

So Which Plugin you choose to apply on your website or Did i miss any? If so Let us know your interesting Contact Form!

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