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Add website to Google search engine to make it live though registering your domain on web is not enough. Google will crawl your website to index specific pages and natural links, you can use robots.txt function to disallow your unwanted links that you don’t want! As i said Google is using automated software called “spiders” to crawl your website from time to time for indexing website links. Moreover if you add website to Google you can fully access your website health conditions from “Webmaster Tools” Dashboard.

Why to Add Website to Google?

Add Website to Google

1. Website may not indexed automatically if it’s not connected from multiple links of other sites.

2. Website template design may not fully accessible to crawl content effectively.

3. It would be easier from Webmaster Tools to access Website health condition.

4. Notification about issues like broken links, not found errors, duplicate content etc.

5. If your website is down and Google spider is trying to crawl it then it won’t do so then you have to manually by Webmaster Tools.

Add Website to Google Search Engine How?

1. Go to Webmaster Tools : Add your url

2. Type in your URL, example:

3. Enter the captcha text shown in the box.

4. Hit Submit! It will be successfully submitted.

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That’s all we have to do to add website to Google search engine read below to access your Website from Webmaster Tools.

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